The Book To Flame Your Passion For F1

The 2012 Formula One GuideWhat will The 2012 Formula One Guide do for you?

It will provide you with the best aid to enjoying and understanding the greatest motorsport on earth.

You will get to know -

  • the cars

  • he history

  • the drivers

  • the signalling

  • the engineers

  • the race tracks

  • the technology

  • the governance

  • the TV graphics

  • the aerodynamics

  • the tyre technology


    What is The 2012 Formula One Guide? It’s the best book on formula one, aka Formula 1 and F1, that money can buy. The 270+, A4 pages spellout and illustrate nearly all there is to know about this fabulous team sport.

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    What other people have to say about The 2012 Formula One Guide -

    Hi Norman

    I had decided not to buy your book this year. I had read last years and thought that there would be nothing new. My wife then reminded me how much I had enjoyed you race previews and reports throughout last year.

    So I said what the hell, I will buy it just to get the previews and reports for this year.

    Well you surprised me. This years book has so much more in it. What an interesting read. All the new things introduced last year were fully explained. The general discussions before each section were so informative. The layout is so user friendly, whenever I need to look for something specific I can just jump to the section from your index. The glossary at the end of the book has certainly settled some arguments in my house.

    Thanks for the great book that helps me enjoy F1 all the more.

    I feel like a double winner with having the book as well as getting your reports.


    Sten Stenvert


    Dear Norman,


    Thank you so much for the book. I so enjoyed reading it and cannot wait for the season to start. Well done!!!


    It has everything I always wanted to know and wondered about!!!! And then so much more.


    Good luck and may you sell many as I am sure it will provide a lot of pleasure to fellow enthusiasts!!


    Fort Knox


    Dear Norman,


    All I can say is “WOW”. Fascinating, easy to navigate and impressively comprehensive.


    Congratulations! Your endeavours deserve a strong following.






    Specifically the book explains the When, Where, Who, With What and Restraints?


    The WHEN is the formula one seasons calendar, the date of the various acts of the drama.


    The WHERE is the formula one circuits with diagrams, performance and facts.


    The WHO is the formula one teams that make everything possible and the drivers who are the stars of the show.


    The WITH WHAT, the glorious formula one cars, full of technology, bent by rules but still the fastest racing machines on any circuit in the world.


    The RESTRAINTS are the formula or rules governing the sport.


    For more details of the book follow the links below -


    The 2012 Formula One Guide index.

    A sample of a Driver's particulars, Michael Schumacher (Mercedes).

    A sample of a Car's specification, Ferrari F2012.

    A sample of a Constructor's history and details, Mercedes F1 Team.

    A sample of a Circuits characteristics and performance. Monaco F1 Circuit

    A sample of the Regulations. Tyre Usage.

    A sample of the 2012 seasons' analysis. Podium Results.

    A sample of the History of formula one.

    A sample of the TV graphics explanation.


    Order Now for instant download for the low mid season price of


    The price rises as the season progresses.

    60 day money back guarantee


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