Ferrari F1 Car Specification

Ferrari F2012


Front of Ferrari 2012 Car

Chassis                 F2012 -Ferrari 056

KERS                    Ferrari

Gearbox               Ferrari, hybrid carbon and titanium



Front Activation   Pullrod

Rear Activation    Pullrod

Wheels                  Oz

Brakes                  Brembo, callipers, Disk and pads

Lubricants            Shell Helix Ultra

Race Fuel             Shell V-Power



Ferrari 2012 Car Side View


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With winning only 1 race last year, Ferrari have now taken a radical approach to the design of the F2012. Called the ugliest Ferrari ever, one can only hope the performance makes up for the looks.


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Ferrari 2012 Car Front View

The last time a pullrod front suspension was used was in the 2001 Minardi which coincidently was driven by Fernando Alonso. The advantage of a pullrod suspension is that the torsion bars and dampers are lower in the chassis giving a lower centre of gravity. The connecting rod can be lighter in a pull rather than push configuration but the extreme angle of this rod will not provide this. The top wishbone has to be stronger and heavier as the loads on it are greater. The rear suspension has also changed from a push to pullrod activation.


Ferrari 2012 car top viewThe very wide front wing support pillars are angled in to a second set of turning vanes under the car. This ensures a turbulent free air stream to the side pods. The side pods are slightly troughed which will channel the air around the car to an extremely narrow rear end. The side pods have there own outlet at the rear of each pod. This eliminates having a central outlet and allows more air to flow over the rear wing. The down angle of these troughs may also blow the exhaust gasses underneath the car and into the diffuser. If so, Ferrari may have found a way to have an exhaust blown diffuser which the rules have tried to ban.

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Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa have been confirmed as drivers for the 2012 season.