Michael Schumacher

Michael ShumacherCar No. 7



Age                        43y 2m 15d

Weight                  68kg, 149lb 11oz

Height                   1.74m, 5' 5"

Eye Colour           Blue

Hair Colour          Light Brown

Star Sign              Capricorn

Status                   Married

Family                   1 daughter 1997, 1 son 1999

Date of Birth        03/01/1969

Place of Birth       Hurth-Hermulheim, Germany

Nationality            German


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F1 Statistics

Grand Prix entered           288

Race Wins                          91

Race Win %                       31.6%

Qualifying Pole                  68

Podiums                             154

2011 Results                      8th

2011 Points                        76

WDC                                    7 (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)

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Career Before formula one

1973     Starts karting at the age of four.

1975     Youngest club champion.

1981     Obtains Kart licence.*

1982     German Junior Kart Champion.

1987     German and European kart champion.

1990     German Formula Three champion.

              Joins Mercedes junior racing program.


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Formula One Career

1991     Debut for Jordan.**

1992     3rd in drivers championship, Benetton.

1993     4th in drivers championship, Benetton.

1994     World driver champion, Benetton.***

1995     World driver champion, Benetton.

1996     First year with Ferrari and finishes 3rd in the drivers championship.

1997     Disqualified.****

1998     2nd in the drivers championship, Ferrari.

1999     5th in the drivers championship, Ferrari. Missed 6 races with a broken leg.

2000     World driver champion, Ferrari.

2001     World driver champion, Ferrari.

2002     World driver champion, Ferrari.

2003     World driver champion, Ferrari.

2004     World driver champion, Ferrari.

2005     3rd in the drivers championship, Ferrari.

2006     2nd in the drivers championship, Ferrari.

2010     9th in the drivers championship, Mercedes.

2011     8th in the drivers championship, Mercedes.


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*          Licence obtained in Luxembourg as the legal age in Germany was 14 years old and Michael was only 12.

**        Though verbally contracted to finish the season with Jordan, Michael Schumacher had only one race and went to Benetton.

***      Damon Hill was 1 point behind Michael Schumacher in the drivers championship in the last race, Australia,  of the season. Michael Schumacher hit a guardrail and seemed to cause a crash with Damon Hill when Damon went to pass Michael. Neither scored so Michael Schumacher won the drivers championship.

****    In a similar incident to that above but this time with Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher's car was losing performance due to a radiator leak and he crashed into Jacques Villeneuve. This time Michael Schumacher had to retire and Jacques Villeneuve carried on to win the drivers' championship. Michael Schumacher was disqualified for unsportsmanlike behaviour.


Despite the controversy that has surrounded Michael Schumacher's F1 career he remains the most successful F1 driver. His 7 World Drivers' Championships put him on a unique pinnacle when compared with other drivers.

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